Clever Adder is a web application made primarily for learning and exercising, but also for fun.

Use is free and without restrictions for all well-meaning visitors.

The link to the application is free to share further. Moreover, we want the link to be shared as much as possible.

As the application is intended to help students learn and practice, we especially encourage the sharing of applications and links in the content, materials and other tools used in school work.

The Clever Adder application is at the beginning of its development and will gain new possibilities over time, so we can expect minor or major changes in the conditions of use.

Any changes to the terms of use will be listed on this page.

At this time, the Clever Adder app does not independently collect private visitor data. With the development of the service, such a situation will certainly change, and visitors will be informed in a timely manner on this page.

Pametna guja web app uses these cookies: "cookiebar" (information on accepting the use of cookies), "ballon_blue_message" and "ballon_pink_message" (stop displaying messages in bubbles).


If you wish to use the Newsletter, it is important that you read these rules carefully and give your consent to use it. The rules may be amended or supplemented depending on the needs of the system and the last date of the rule change will always be stated at the bottom of the text.

Data collection will only take place if you explicitly make it available to us.

By subscribing to the newsletter, you give your consent to receive it, which you can withdraw at any time by sending an e-mail entitled "Unsubscribe" to By unsubscribing, you will no longer be able to receive the newsletter.

When registering, the following happens: The e-mail address is collected exclusively for the purpose of sending the newsletter, the IP address is saved at the time of sending the application, the time of registration is recorded. We will use your information to send you a newsletter until you withdraw your consent.

The newsletter data is collected by the company Info izlog d.o.o., Vinogradska 1, 35209 Bukovlje, Croatia, OIB: 11759041816.

The Company undertakes to keep your data (e-mail address you have provided to us) in secret, and will not share it in any form with third parties, nor in any way make it available to any third party without your prior consent.

According to the regulations, you have the following rights: the right of insight, the right to delete and the right to withdraw consent. For each of these rights you can contact us at



The Clever Adder uses the tools and services of other Internet service providers by integrating their codes, following the terms of use, below the services listed. These other tools use cookies in their work.

Google Analytics

On this page, regarding Google Anaylitcs, we can say the following:

  • there is a use of Google Analytics cookies to analyze website visitors
  • a data processing agreement has been entered into with Google
  • the last octet of the IP address is masked for the purpose of anonymizing the IP address of the visitor
  • visitor data sharing is disabled

Google Analytics collects data from which, among other things, you can see data on, for example, the number of visitors, the number of visits, the number of open pages, the duration of visitors, the number of users who leave the page immediately after arriving on the page ... which can be read here from Google Analytics, is really large and extensive.

What is very important to emphasize, and according to the authors of Google Analytics, the data we can see from the statistics are aggregate data, sums and averages, and with this data it is not possible to link an individual user or see what the user did on the website .

In addition to the standard "package" of features that Google Analytics provides to all users who install it on their pages, Google Analytics also provides some special customizations (among others, for example, tracking "events" - "events"). Thus, we also took the opportunity to make a report on the number of calculations of basic mathematical operations on our application and their accuracy. For example, it is possible to read from the statistics how many times users tried to calculate 5 times 7 on Tuesday, and it is possible to know how many correct and incorrect answers there were and whether users who answered incorrectly were close or "fouled" a lot.

You can read more about how Google Analytics works, as well as privacy and user data protection at and the links at that link.


On this page, regarding Facebook Social Plugins, we can say the following:

The "Clever Adder" website uses "plug-ins", social plugins, social networks Facebook. All add-ons are marked with a Facebook logo or tag. An overview and layout of the capabilities of these plugins can be found at

In the case of loading our page into your Internet browser, it, through the plugins found on our pages, establishes a direct connection with Facebook servers.

By integrating plug-ins, Facebook receives information that your browser has accessed our website regardless of whether you have a Facebook profile or not, or whether you are logged in to Facebook or not. This information (including your IP address) is transmitted from your browser directly to Facebook servers located not necessarily in your country, but (probably) in the US and stored there.

If you are logged in to Facebook, that social network can display a visit to our website on your Facebook profile, in a manner almost the same as if you had logged in to Facebook itself. If you use Facebook plugins, such as the "Like" button or write a comment, the relevant information will be forwarded directly to Facebook servers and stored there. Furthermore, the information will be posted on Facebook and your Facebook friends will be able to see it.

Facebook may use all such information for advertising, market research and Facebook page design. For this purpose, Facebook profiles are created for the use, interests and relationships such as displaying ads on your Facebook profile depending on the visit to our website in order to inform other Facebook users about these activities and ensure the use of services related to Facebook

If you do not want the data collected on our page (by Facebook) to be displayed on your Facebook profile, you must log out of Facebook before visiting our page.

For the purpose and scope of data collection, their further processing and use by Facebook, as well as regarding related privacy rights, read Facebook's data protection guidelines:


If you use the option to disable cookies, the application may be restricted or disabled.

Last modified: February 25th 2021


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