Clever Adder is a tool and a game at the same time. It tries to help kids to solve and learn math basis successfully.

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are basic arithmetic operations. It is very hard to imagine any further progress in math without learning it thoroughly.

We have designed and made Clever Adder application hoping it will help skipping these opening obstacles.


Working as a teacher for a 40 years, Adam Alkovic was defining and adopting basic arithmetic operations learning methods, mostly for two reasons:

  • pupils should learn fundamentals fast and efficient (otherwise, they wouldn't be able to move on)
  • he would open himself a path for easier work and faster progress for every other future lesson

In this article, Basic arithmetic operations as math fundaments, teacher Alkovic describes his methods and children's reactions while using it. The Clever Adder application is built on those methods as they are adapted in application for a new electronic era.


There are many technologies and possibilities for building software products out there. As we wanted to build Clever Adder application as fast as we could, and also, as we wanted it to be as much availabe as it could be, we developed it as web application.

The project has just been born, but we already know what we can do with it. We strive to fulfill several directions evolution, so we want:

  • add new possibilites
  • to be present on more popular and widely used platforms
  • to enable more interactions with users

And, of course, there are some ideas that we would like to keep only for us.


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